Things I have been doing and some what logging on my tech journey!


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January Updates


I'm sharing some of the updates hope you find them interesting

  1. Currently working on a Book about Kotlin and programming fundamentals
  2. I have a repository on DataStructure in Kotlin in progress checkout from [here] the best part about it is that it's clean, tested, and very close to Kotlin stdlib.
  3. Big-brain-Kotlin series which teaches Kotlin stdlib to write maintainable code [here]
  4. I do experimenting a lot with what I can do with Kotlin and some time back I made an interactive CLI application using it which you can checkout from [here]

That's all for the updates! thanks ❀️

February Updates



Today I'm sharing new updates and things I have been working on

  1. My book on Kotlin and programming fundamentals in progress 🚧  stready progress in way!
  2. My repository on DataStructure in Kotlin, has progressed to Tress, currently WIP 🚧  up a basic cheat-sheet to understand Trees checkout from [here]
  3. I have created a compose horizontal expanding card example which you can see here [here]
  4. I have created a game sample entirely in Kotlin 🚧  example which you can see here [here]
  5. I have created a simple android quiz app with a collab with Pooja-Srivs, which would be part of my kotlin fundamental book, links [here]
  6. I have self-implemented AsyncTask API , using threads and handlers which is useful for interviews, checkout from [here]
  7. Created One Youtube Video on Nullable fields vs LateInt, checkout [here]
  8. I have solved a PR for Expenso applications, which add Room-database to CSV export functionality to the app. checkout from here [here]


  1. Recently been awarded as Android Tech Star by India Mentor
  2. Nominee for Korea Mobile Brand Awards | Korea Mobile Brand Awards [πŸ˜‚ Β it's not credible but who cares! ]

Currently in progress

  1. Migration Script that converts synthetic imports to Viewbinding
  2. Try to learn static site generation and React! 😡  [I don't like react]

That's all for the updates! thanks ❀️

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