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Collection of small snippets that would help you be productive or teaches you some quick tick|tip !

#17 | CheatSheet For Testing Framework

Android Testing Framework Selection CheatSheet

#16 | Current Visible Activity from ADB command

Current Visible Activity ADB

#15 | Typealias example

typealise | Kotlin

#14 | Operator overloading example

operator overloading | kotlin

#13 | Bulk null check in Kotlin

Bulk null check | Kotlin

#12 | Nullable Boolean Handling in Kotlin

null boolean handling | Kotlin

#11 | lateinit vs nullable types

lateinit vs nullable types | Kotlin
AndroidBites | Your Late to init | lateinit vs nullable
how kotlin null handle. how lateinit is better than nullable type. Nullable is not evil. nullable type vs lateinit. how to null handle in android. global variables .

#10 | In is also available for String.

in operator for strings | Koltin

#9 | Default functions over Fluent API

fluent api vs default parameters | Kotlin

#8 | Flatten if-else functions in Kotlin

flatten if and else | Kotlin

#7 | Static Factory functions in Kotlin

factory functions | kotlin

#6 | Chain function reference in Kotlin

Chain function reference | Kotlin

#5 | Builder Patter in Kotlin

Builder Pattern | Kotlin

#4 | Iterate Over Sealed Classes Names

Kotlin | sealed class iteration | print sealed class name

#3 | Join function | List to String Conversion

Snippets | List to String with Examples | Androidbites
kotlin string | kotlin variable in string | kotlin join strings with delimiter | kotlin map to string | kotlin string interpolation | kotlin string collection join | list to string and string to list kotlin | kotlin string format
Kotlin | Join to String | Collection to String-

#2 | Set functions : Union , Intersect and Subtract

AndroidBites | Union, Intersect, Subtract in Kotlin
kotlin difference between two lists | kotlin compare two lists | kotlin opposite of intersect| how to combine collection | how to find common in collection | how to Union | how to intersection | how to remove from list from another | how to merge two list | how to distinct a list
Kotlin | union intersect subtract 

#1 | Error Handling Extension in Kotlin

AndroidBites | Koltin | ErrorHandling
Best practice of error handling using kotlin try or null extension. kotlin try catch expression to handle error. Java error handling .Java vs Kotlin.
Koltin | try catch or null?-

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