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Hey bud 🙌, Welcome to my personal blogging site! This is a place where I keep all of my tips and tricks regarding Android Development , Kotlin and Java, which I have gathered from my experience and various sources.

So this is the one point stop where I point my fellow android devs 👩‍💻 to goto if they want my personal opinion or suggestion on a topic. I share all my stuff here, my learnings, my snippets, my research all are here. I believe in sharing so if you like to share too your always invited to contribute! 🤩

Let's grow together 💪🏻 ! happy hacking 💻.

P.S : Don't forget to show love and support 🥰 by sharing! & providing feedback! 📝

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Design & Develop modern android applications using native technologies, boost productivity using Kotlin & Java in sync with exploring all the best practices, design pattern and detailed knowledge on architectures like MVC, MVP, MVVM, CLEAN, etc Not to mention Unit-testing code for robustness, edge …
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Hold on ✋🏻 Before you Dagger or Hilt! try this Simple DI.
Dagger is one of the popular frameworks that has been known for Dependency Injection (DI) for Java and Android platforms. It’s in most of the Android projects whether small or large, developers tend…
Dagger | Hilt | DI | ProAndroidDev | Droidcon

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