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Hey bud 🙌, Welcome to my personal blogging site! This is a place where I keep all of my tips and tricks regarding Android Development , Kotlin and Java, which I have gathered from my experience and various sources.

So this is the one point stop where I point my fellow android devs 👩‍💻 to goto if they want my personal opinion or suggestion on a topic. I share all my stuff here, my learnings, my snippets, my research all are here. I believe in sharing so if you like to share too your always invited to contribute! 🤩

Let's grow together 💪🏻 ! happy hacking 💻.

P.S : Don't forget to show love and support 🥰 by sharing! & providing feedback! 📝


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Design & Develop modern android applications using native technologies, boost productivity using Kotlin & Java in sync with exploring all the best practices, design pattern and detailed knowledge on architectures like MVC, MVP, MVVM, CLEAN, etc Not to mention Unit-testing code for robustness, edge …


  1. About Me 🙋‍♀️
  2. What I'm currently working on 🤔?
  3. My work experience 🧠 ?
  4. My Experiments in Kotlin 🤪 !
  5. My Android Projects👨🏻‍💻
  6. My Github Stats 📊
  7. Magazines, newsletters and publications that featured me 👨‍🎤 ✨
  8. Awards I have received. 🏆
  9. My open source contributions. 👼
  10. Mentioned or Acknowledged at other places. 👨‍🎓

About Me 🙋‍♀️

Currently I'm employed at Deutsche Telekom Labs as a software engineer in Android Tv team. I'm loving every part of the my work there and clear get my source of motivation to keep moving forward and learning from my team members.

It's a fun place to be at, our company is always look for big brain champs. Ping ME on LinkedIn or Checkout my Companies Website for applications. Deutshe Telekom Lab Careers

What I'm currently working on 🤔?

Things I have been doing and some what logging on my tech journey! Subscribe click 👉 here 👈 to subscribe to my mailing list! I promise to stay awesome and share awesome -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January Updates \I’m sharing some of the u…

My work experience 🧠 ?

The Journey 👨🏻‍💻
Every experience I had, was perfect for growth, 🌱 👉🏻 🌳 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full Time Software Engineer Deutsche Telekom, Gurgaon, Haryana [Apr 2020 – Present] About : T-Systems is one of the world’s leading vendor independent prov…

My Experiments in Kotlin 🤪 !

CLI application

Horizontal Expanding Cards

Korge | Game development

Compose-Fruit-Ninja 🥝


Compose-StarWar-3D-Space-Particle 🚀

My Android Projects👨🏻‍💻

Projects | Chetan Gupta KiwisMedia Profile
Explore all the projects by Chetan Gupta on KiwisMedia, a portfolio-based platform for multiskilled makers, creators and builders. Create your profile today.
Hey,it’s a me ch8n!, if you got that refernce then your awsome! here we do our learning and stuff related to tech!

probably outdated 😅  not actively updating ...

My Github Stats 📊

Github Profile Summary - Visualize your GitHub profile
Github Profile Summary is a GitHub visualization tool written in Kotlin
ch8n - Overview
Hi there! I go in community with the name Ch8n. I’m a mobile technology enthusiast! love Android #kotlinAlltheWay, want to explore all opportunities around it! - ch8n

Magazines, newsletters and publications that featured me 👨‍🎤 ✨

Androidbites | Mentioned batched
“Awesome” “androidnewsletter” “oncreatedigest”
“androidsweets” “awesomeandroid”

and many more [I don't actively keep track of this..]

Publications :

Kotlin Weekly

Kotlin Weekly #231
Kotlin Weekly #228


Hold on! Before you Dagger or Hilt! try this Simple DI
By Chetan Garg Learn pure Kotlin DI then migrate it to HILT or Dagger. Dagger is one of the popular frameworks that has been known for Dependency Injection (DI) for Java and Android platforms. It’s in most of the Android projects whether small or large, developers tend to start off with the basic sc…


Noisy Code 🗣 with Kotlin Scopes
You are going to encounter these scope functions namely let, run, apply, also, within every Kotlin codebase, along with all the mischievous ways developers exploit their usage from the way they were…
Scoped Operators | Code Noise | ProAndroidDev | DroidCon
Hold on ✋🏻 Before you Dagger or Hilt! try this Simple DI.
Dagger is one of the popular frameworks that has been known for Dependency Injection (DI) for Java and Android platforms. It’s in most of the Android projects whether small or large, developers tend…
Dagger | Hilt | DI | ProAndroidDev | Droidcon

Awards I have received. 🏆

Android Tech Star | India Mentor

My open source contributions. 👼

Me giving back to the community and learning outside of the Duty.

Presently :

Project Maintained by Alison whose an expert android developer at Dropbox.

  • Fixed #106 - Data Lost on Rotation change
  • Fixed #127 - Migrated to new api of ActivityResult
1.9.1 by alisonthemonster · Pull Request #157 · alisonthemonster/Presently
📜 Description Bumping up versions! This update has the following featuring: Bug fix for calendar Bug fix for rotation in Entry view (thank you @ch8n 🥳) Updates to use the new Activity Result API (...


Project Maintained by Louis whose an Google Developer Expert(GDE)

  • Added Sample for no-framework Dependency Injection using pure Kotlin
No framework dependency injection by ch8n · Pull Request #26 · LouisCAD/kotlin-libraries-playground
Hi @jmfayard I have added a small sample on how to do DI with Kotlin using no framework. please do the code review. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks! Regards, Chetan


Project Maintained by Sanjay whose an expert android developer at CodeMonk

  • Fixed #16 App Crash on Offline mode
  • Added #19 Swipe to Refresh | PTR
  • Fixed #12 Online-Offline Indicator with animations
  • Added #87 Hilt Dagger Injection
🗽 A Simple Demonstration of the New York Times App 📱 using Jsoup web crawler with MVVM Architecture 🔥 - TheCodeMonks/NYTimes-App


Project Maintained Jitin sharma an Android Engineer at Gojek and Google Developer Expert

  • Resolved #5  Added Support for Github Action for the Project
An app which displays conferences from http://androidstudygroup.github.io/conferences/ - jitinsharma/android-conferences

Android Clean GUI Architecture

Project Maintained by Ryan an Educator at WiseAss Youtube channel

  • Re-written whole app in Kotlin from scratch
Kotlin by ch8n · Pull Request #2 · BracketCove/AndroidCleanGuiArchitecture
Hi @BracketCove please do the code review I have added the Kotlin Version of the same.


Project Maintained by DiUS Computing Ptv Ltd,

  • Documentation to convert maven project into gradle project to support in Android
updated/Documentation by ch8n · Pull Request #573 · DiUS/java-faker
Hi @codingricky, I have updated PR with the only update in Markdown not the binaries Reference to previous PR #455 Related to #454

Mentioned or Acknowledged at other places. 👨‍🎓

AndroidBites | Java ☕️ Maps 🗺 on the Kotlin. from android_devs
Silver Awarded on r/AndroidDevs
Perfect Java, Kotlin and Android Blogs by Hashnode
OnCreate issue#17
AndroidNewsletter #5
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